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Distinctive, Traceable Hand-Dyed Yarn



utilise the unique qualities our range of ethically-sourced, traceable yarns posesS

Wool can be used to describe an immense array of sheep fibres, each with distinctive properties, making them ideally suited to specific projects. We are truly enthusiastic about the breed-specific attributes of wool and all of our yarns have been selected to showcase some of that diversity. With an entirely traceable process, we offer yarns directly connected to the sheep that grew the wool, the people who spun the yarn, and the hands that dyed it. The last step is left for you to take our yarn and create your own story!

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Our luxury lambswool is an entirely traceable, artisan-produced yarn. This merino-romney cross wool is sourced from a single farm in the Otago region of New Zealand's South Island, from sheep selectively bred to produce soft yet robust wool. This minimally-processed, semi-worsted spun yarn is both wonderfully soft and springy, with a hard-wearing strength that will see it consistently outperform other merino yarns when faced with the rigours of regular use.

Subtle, muted iterations of our semi-solid and tonal shades give our lambswool a timelessness, ensuring your knitted items will be imminently wearable for years to come.

100% New Zealand lambswool

4ply/fingering 360m per 100g (hand-wash only)

8ply/DK 240m 100g (hand-wash only)



Our lustrous blue-faced leicester yarns are sourced from the finest fleeces grown in Yorkshire, UK. Additionally, scoured and spun in Yorkshire, these yarns are imbued with a real northern English charm.

Dyed in our semi-solid and tonal shades, our BFL yarns are both vibrant and luminous. The soft, draping nature of BFL makes these yarns ideal for lacework shawls, yet robust enough for cables and cardigans alike.

100% British blue-faced leicester wool

8ply/DK 225m per 100g (superwash-treated)

4ply/fingering 400m per 100g (superwash-treated)

2ply/lace 800m per 100g (hand-wash only)



The pairing of mulberry silk with superfine New Zealand merino produces the ultimate luxury yarn. Smooth, soft and sumptuous, our merino-silk yarns excel in lace motifs, yielding delicate lacework to drape about your shoulders.

Our full range of shades, both the vibrant and dusky, muted tones, are resplendent on our merino-silk yarns, with the sleek silk content conferring a touch of elegance to all of your shawls, cardigans, hats and more.

75% New Zealand merino wool 25% mulberry silk

4ply/fingering 400m per 100g (superwash-treated)

2ply/lace 800m per 100g (superwash-treated)


Hand-knitted socks have to stand up to more than any other knitted garment; prolonged friction and regular washing both working to negate those tiny, lovingly-knit stitches. Often durability is thought of as synonymous with hard or stiff, but our merino-nylon sock yarn maintains a light, soft handle while tackling the challenges of everyday wear and tear.

Often appearing in a more jolly range of shades, our merino-nylon sock yarn is truly versatile with garments and accessories alike, benefiting from its added strength.

75% merino wool 25% nylon

4ply/fingering 400m per 100g (superwash-treated)



If you're looking for a rustic, woolly yarn then our BFL blended with masham is just that. Minimally processed and spun as two plies, our BFL-masham blend is a soft, well-rounded yarn without any scratchiness. A subtly heathered, textured yarn arises due to the natural brown hues of the masham wool.

Our BFL-masham yarn is a great all purpose yarn, lending a touch of comforting woolliness to your garments or accessories.

75% British blue-faced leicester wool 25% British masham wool

10ply/aran 160m per 100g (hand-wash only)

8ply/DK 240m per 100g (hand-wash only)

4ply/fingering 400m per 100g (hand-wash only)


A smooth, crisp yarn spun from the finest British Wensleydales. Wensleydale wool is the finest and most valuable lustre longwool, with the long staple length making it resistant to pilling. The superb lustre gives our semi-solid and tonal shades an unparalleled inner glow.

Jerseys, shawls, colourwork and more all reap the benefits of our Wensleydale's woolly texture, and soft yet hard-wearing duality.

100% British Wensleydale wool

8ply/DK 235m per 100g (hand-wash only)